Monday, 2 December 2013

wool week at posh sardine,arnside

Christmas rush arrrgh !!

Wool Week may be over but I'm straight into a Christmas Rush,I'm usually prepared but this year I'm not so spinning,knitting,weaving into the wee small hours,fortunately have the worlds best folk rock band to keep me company & keep me going (only on CD sadly not actually in person!)Back to the loom & Black Jack Davy now!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wool Week

So Wool Week is over for another year! More people are aware of the Campaign & its aims so its going well.Beautifully displayed woollies can be seen at Posh Sardine in Arnside.If you can't get to Arnside see Posh Sardine's facebook page.Also The Little Shop of Hobbies in Morecambe is stocking the yarn & Vicky the owner is hoping to do a window display.Saturday the 19th I was busy demonstrating at John Lewis in Cheadle,lots of interest in wool spinning & my little knitters loom.It was a really nice day,good atmosphere & the staff made me feel really welcome.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Tea cosy

retro tea & egg cosies

Now I think these are lovely very vintage/afternoon tea sort of things.However family members seem to find them a great source of fun & I've been asked if I'm knitting bob caps for Meercats!

Postal drama !!

Nearly a disaster! The carrier who shall remain nameless lost one bag of fleece on its way to the mill in Derbyshire.Panic! The fleece in question was from the 'special ones' Cheviot/Leicester cross shearling fleeces.They will produce beautiful wool & thanks to all the help & advice from the owners of the mill the bag was found in Coventry (cue lots of witty comments about being sent to Coventry!)All I need now is the refund I've claimed for ----- I'm not holding my breath!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

uninspiring bags of fleece!!

Here's the bags of fleece ready to pack & send off for millspinning but I'll keep some on one side for some soothing handspinning! Next week Arnside for some rare breed Whitefaced Woodland fleeces & down to Conder Green for some Blue Texel --- new one this.

fleece collection day

Morecambe Bay scintillating in the summer sun!
At last sheep are shorn & fleeces available to collect.First stop Yealand Conyers to collect 6 lovely curly Masham fleeces from Barbara & Joan & then on to Silverdale for a quick snack on the shore (see above)  it looked so beautiful as we munched  our lunch (cheese & pickle this time & more  ginger beer),then into Silverdale to pick up from Martin a mixed lot of North Country Cheviot,Bluefaced Leicester,Jacobs/Texel X & 4 of the 'special ones' Cheviot/Bluefaced Leicester X  first clip so these will be beautifully soft! All in all about 50kgs of fleece.Back down the motorway accompied by a very sheepy fragrance!!
see those white dots? Those are the ACTUAL sheep! I'm a wonderful photographer!!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

day out June 10th

Had to deliver a cushion to Posh Sardine in Arnside -------- I still can't get over this shop/cafe its such a super place I just wish they had more room for my stuff!! It was really busy & I met some of the lovely customers there as well as the nice dogs! It would have been even better if I hadn't had bad hay fever & toothache,went on to have a picnic on the shore at Silverdale (egg & cress butties & lashings of ginger beer!) & popped in to see the farmers at Yealand Conyers,no sheep shearing yet its too cold & wet so I have to be patient.Back down the motorway again (boo hoo) & I realized my hay fever had gone so I really need to live by the coast so I don't suffer anymore! Toothache didn't go though.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Morecambe Bay Fishermans Gansey mark 2

I've now simplified the design as I felt it was a bit fussy,so now the yoke just has the textured ripple stitch  across it which I prefer.

new sweater design

I think this looks quite good -------- the photo not the sweater! The garment worked really well in Aran weight Lancashire Farm Wool & I intend to knit some more for Autumn.I find it comfortable to wear & its a bit of a different look than my usual Arans & Ganseys but still along the same traditional lines.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Posh Sardine Arnside (its an anagram geddit?)

Heres a very nice new venue for my woolly things! Really intriguing shop/cafe,lots of vintage & retro things + proper antiques & great view (and cake as well!).Friendly owners,lovely atmosphere (and cake) and some of my things! Just wish there was a little bit more room for me! Its the sort of place you browse around for ages  and eat cake!

Friday, 22 March 2013

White Rabbit Arnside

Very sad that the White Rabbit woolshop is closing down at Easter.Such a shame this was really a 'hidden gem' with allsorts of interesting vintage stock as well as wool & sculptures.The owners will be doing some events in the area so maybe our paths will cross again! All the best & many thanks for the excellent sales Karen & Tommy!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

sheep shearing

Heres Martin shearing some of his sheep --------- hard work! I get to do the easy bit! The fleeces are massive,beautiful & really clean.The sheep look a little apprehensive but very pleased with the result!

sheep shearing

Heres Martin shearing some of his sheep --------- hard work,I get to do the easy bit! The fleeces are massive,beautiful & really clean. The sheep look a bit apprehensive but seem pleased with the result & they should be no cuts or nicks to be seen!

sheep shearing

Heres Martin shearing some of his sheep,this is the hard work,I get to do the easy bit! The fleeces are massive,beautiful & really clean!

sheep shearing

Heres some pictures of Martin the farmer shearing some of his sheep.This is the hard work,I get to do the easier bit! The fleeces are massive,beautifully clean & lovely to work with.Most of the fleeces are millspun into knitting /weaving yarn but I handspin some as well.The sheep look a bit apprehensive  but quite pleased with the results!

handwoven bag

handwoven bag