Wednesday, 7 September 2016

getting ready for Autumn/Winter and Wool Week 2016

New handwoven felted tweed hats,bags and handknit long line fulled wool waistcoat all ready for Wool Week but still waiting for this years yarn to come back from the spinning mills.There seems to be lots more interest in British wool and single farm yarns with 'provenance' this year so the mills are very busy which is good but I've nearly run out of last years wool !

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Fishwick Farms

I've posted this image of sheep on the farm at Silverdale before and yes those little white dots are sheep!This farm is where most of my fleeces come from and have done for years but to see some much better pictures of how farm animals should look and proper farming is done go to Fishwick Farms on Facebook and also find out about the new venture for the Fishwick family at Low Bankside Farm,Cark. I always know I'm getting top quality fleeces from here and  now with 2 farms I can have even more and still have the Morecambe Bay Brand on the wool.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

New loom

Look at my new loom bought at an auction.It needs some fettling but its a lovely little thing.There were howls of anguish and cries of 'no room for another loom' when I said I'd bought it but things calmed down a bit  when it arrived........ weaving width about 6" !!

wool gathering

Here we have one of this years 'pet lambs' at the farm in Silverdale very noisily trotting around while we packed the fleeces into the car.A selection of crossbred North Country Cheviot and Blue faced Leicesters fleeces.All beautiful and huge!
Lots of triplet lambs this year so plenty of bottle feeding.I'll have their fleeces next year!

The first 3 bags ready to go to the spinning mill.About 40kgs in there.....and still more to go.

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Morecambe Bay Brand

                       The Morecambe Bay Brand will appear on all our wool from this years fleeces to show that the wool comes exclusively from 3 farms in this spectacular area.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Arnside/Silverdale AONB Local Food and Produce Festival 2016

OOPS,I set up a nice display of wool at The Silverdale Hotel as my contribution to this event.Its a lovely venue you can see the sheep in the fields next to the hotel and also have a great view of magnificent Morecambe Bay and the wool looks great.So why the OOPS? I forgot to take a picture!!
Very quickly took this picture before dismantling the display.It looked much better in real life on a window seat in the panelled entrance hall at the Silverdale Hotel.Many thanks to Caroline and everyone at the hotel for the loan of space and their interest!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Exporting to Australia!

This was really nice! Drinking tea in the kitchen with my brother on Sunday morning when he spotted 2 people at the front door and headed off  grumbling that they would be trying to sell something! However he then shouted 'lady here come all the way from Australia to buy some wool!' She hadn't really but they were from Australia,over here for 6 weeks and she wanted to buy some real wool from real sheep in each of the areas they visited and I was happy to sell her some! Don't know how she found me andI was too gobsmacked to ask and I also suppose thats why I didn't think to take a picture. She has promised to send an image of whatever she decides to make and that will be nice too!